Workshops & Talks

Workshops & Talks

The real work of writing is solitary, but writers benefit from coming into the world to recharge.  Taking a half-day workshop bequeaths us with fresh ideas and skills.  Being part of an ongoing class provides structure and accountability for meeting personal and professional goals.

Writers of all abilities and experience are welcome at my table. I teach privately in Boulder in various locations; I teach in Boulder, Colorado, through the Boulder Writers’ Workshop, which I founded and direct, and sometimes offer classes though The Boulder Bookstore. You can find a listing of my upcoming workshops, classes and events by clicking here.

I have taught workshops and classes for many organizations, including Phoenix College, Arizona State University’s annual writing conference, the annual Associated Writing Programs conference, The Moondance Festival, the Virginia Piper Center for Creative Writing at ASU and the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at ASU.

I am available to give creativity and writing workshops and keynotes at schools, nonprofit organizations and businesses.  Please e-mail me at lori (at) lorideboer (dot) com or use my contact form,  to discuss how I can serve your group’s needs.


Booking a Workshop

If you are interested in booking me for your group or conference, you may select a prepared talk from the following list.  Don’t see what you need? Just ask;  I’ll whip up something special.  Here’s a few popular topics I have taught over the years:

The Stuff of Story: Writing Personal Essays that Matter
Mine your life for meaningful material to write essays with heart. Discover the elements of story and how to make memorable scenes. Learn techniques that evoke memory and deliver details.

Writing the Narrative Nonfiction Book
This workshop helps first-time authors plan, structure and begin writing book. Learn key steps—including market research—and how to avoid common mistakes. Develop skills for maintaining momentum.

To Tell the Truth: Introduction to Creative Nonfiction
Many of today’s hottest writers—David Sedaris, Anne Lamott, Jon Krakauer, Mary Karr, Sebastian Junger—publish in creative nonfiction. This course will introduce the literary techniques that turn truth into stories, such as nurturing a narrative, structuring a scene and wielding vivid verbs.

The Optimistic Writer
Talent is not enough—writers who are optimistic more likely to be successful. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to self-coach your way through negative perceptions and empower your writing.

Life into Legacy: Writing Your Family or Community History
Whether you want to record your relations or preserve a particular place, this course will help you turn real-life stories into a legacy. We’ll investigate a range of research techniques, from perusing public records to conducting interviews. You’ll learn to select and organize facts and themes to construct a meaningful story.

The Poetics of Place
More than mere backdrop, setting drives events, imparts mood and creates character. This workshop for fiction and creative nonfiction writers discusses methods for writing about the particular personality of a place, be it a landscape, a city or a garden corner.

Breaking into Freelance  Magazine Writing
Get the scoop on magazine freelancing, from developing editor-pleasing ideas to packing query letters with punch. Learn about the different types of magazine articles, including those most accessible for first-time freelancers.

Query Letter Clinic
Learn the basics of writing query letters: finding the right angle; pitching to the right market; and drafting an editor-pleasing proposal. You’ll learn insider tips and build your skills through fun exercises. You can even bring your own query letter for a check-up.

Your Word’s Worth: Making a Living as a Freelance Writer
Do you dream about quitting your cubicle and following the muse full time? This course delves into strategies used by professional writers to create ongoing revenue streams. We’ll discuss special niches, diversifying products and creating a brand image.

The Mother’s Muse: Writing With Children
Whether your muse is a baby or a teen, discover how to balance, if not integrate, these disparate tugs on our hearts and time. Our inquiry will range from the philosophical—how having a child changes your writing—to the practical—how to write in ten-minute sessions with Barney braying in the background. We will explore motherhood as a fertile writing topic and the new genre of “Mama Lit.”

Writer, Edit Yourself!
This self-editing workshop for magazine and nonfiction writers helps you tune up your writing. You’ll learn how to spot and trouble-shoot common article problems, as well as get a grip on your grammar, find the fact-checking fast track, smooth out transitions, tighten up text and pump up your prose. With a little diligence, you’ll have your editors smiling in no time.

The Perfect Pitch: Writing the Nonfiction Book Proposal
Perfect your nonfiction book pitch with this writing workshop. We’ll coach you on all aspects of writing a book proposal: finding the saleable idea; researching the competition; writing sample chapters; writing an author bio; developing a marketing plan; and sizing up agents and publishers.