Trusted Service Providers

I really love connecting people with each other, and have a list of favorite folks I use myself and would recommend to my clients and friends.  So, here’s a list:

Website GuruBoulder web designer Robert Piller is my go-to guy for anything complicated I need to do with my websites, including modifying sites, member management and the suchlike.  The Boulder Writers’ Workshop wouldn’t have the functionality it does without his help.

Life Coaching – Susan Osborn is a client and personal friend.  She is also an amazing life coach, and is particularly well versed in helping people embrace change and be their prime, in their prime.  She often organizes retreats. Check out her website (and very cool blog) at

Photography – Allison Fleetwood made me look great in my professional portraits. He’ll work his genius on you.  Contact him at

Editor Extraordinaire – My former editor at America West Airlines magazine could take one of my stories, “get” what I was trying to achieve and make it extraordinary.  I still hire her to proofread anything important. Her name is Sonya Goodwin Hemmings and you’ll need to ask me for her contact info.

Armor Maker-Got a yearning for leather armor?  Call on my husband Michael, who is making his own creations out of our livingroom shop under the auspices of 1470 Armory.  He’s taking custom orders and our website will be up soon!