Freelance Writing

You name it, I’ve written it. I’ve tackled projects ranging from business histories to book proposals. I have a knack for news, a sense of story and the patience to polish prose to a perfect gloss. I’ve crossed genres the way others collect countries; I’ve dallied in creative nonfiction, marketing, Internet publishing, public relations, journalism, history and fiction.

Magazine and Newspaper Freelancing

I have had more than a thousand articles published in newspapers, magazines and trade journals.  My special areas of interest include travel, business, history, art, architecture, food, technology  and parenthood.  Editors like me for my reliability, breezy writing style and my ability to translate complex topics into understandable prose.


I have written, ghost written and edited books for individuals and organizations.  I am flexible about doing work-for-hire and am willing to work anonymously with certain clients.  Because of my advanced training in history, I am especially interested in writing biographies and business and family histories

Because of my background in marketing and public relations, I have been working with authors on developing their marketing plans, bios, query letters, press releases, jacket copy and book proposals.

Books I’ve authored include The Insiders’ Guide to Phoenix, published by Globe Pequot, and AgriFab: A Miracle in the Making, published by Heritage Publishers. Books I have edited include Teaching Chemistry to Students with Disabilities, published by the American Chemical Society, and Dave Pratt’s Behind the Mike, released by Five-Star Publishing.

Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising

My marketing and advertising experience includes designing and launching a women’s website for Evergreen Internet that won national accolades, including a write-up in Folio, the magazine industry standard. I also worked as an account manager for Evergreen, servicing accounts like Mystic Color Labs, Fisher Scientific, Johnston & Murphy Shoes, MapQuest and the Association of Business Product Manufacturers (ABPM).

I also love the nonprofit world, having done public relations and marketing for colleges, universities and women’s organizations. I’ve devised and executed marketing plans, organized and publicized events, edited magazines and newsletters, managed media relations and written all manner of collateral material, from catalog copy to annual reports.

My work as a book coach has led me to become quite involved in marketing and publicizing books and authors. I am experienced at helping authors research and write the many aspects of a book proposal, including cover letters, pitch statements, marketing research, author biographies, publicity plans and chapter-by-chapter synopses.



Freelance Magazine Articles

  • The New York Times
  • Arizona Highways
  • AAA Arizona  Highroads
  • America West Airlines Magazine
  • Working Woman
  • Black Enterprise
  • Incentive
  • PHOENIX Magazine
  • The Arizona Republic
  • The Des Moines Register
  • ITS News
  • Indoor Comfort News
  • Valley Guide Quarterly
  • Arizona Attorney
  • Arizona Women’s News
  • Phoenix Bride & Groom
  • Tucson Bride & Groom
  • Arizona Food & Lifestyle
  • Arizona Business Magazine
  • Arizona Foothills Magazine
  • Scottsdale Magazine
  • Iowa Commerce Magazine
  • Sweat Magazine
  • Thunderbird Alumni Magazine
  • Community College Times
  • The Costco Connection
  • Careers and the Disable
  • European Billiard News
  • The Woman’s Voice
  • Iowa Woman

Marketing, Public Relations & Advertising

  • The Scottsdale Center for the Arts
  • South Mountain Community College
  • GateWay Community College
  • The Liquid Crystal Institute at Kent State University
  • The Association of Business Product Manufacturers (ABPM)
  • Buena Vista College
  • The Qualitative Difference
  • The Mayo Clinic-Scottsdale
  • Mystic Color Lab
  • Evergreen Internet
  • Coalition for Western Women’s History
  • Crystal Corridor Group
  • The Center for Great Plains Study at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Planned Parenthood of Storm Lake

Freelance Journalism

  • Business
  • Food
  • Literature
  • The Arts
  • Travel
  • History
  • Parenting
  • Women’s Topics


  • Ghost writing
  • Editing
  • Book proposals
  • Publicity
  • Author websites
  • Author bios
  • Jacket copy
  • Press releases
  • Family histories
  • Business, and organizational histories

Nonprofit Organizations & Business

  • Website copy
  • Annual reports
  • Press releases
  • Newsletters
  • Executive Summaries
  • Biographies,
  • Marketing plans
  • Business plans
  • Business histories
  • Speeches
  • Abstracts
  • Reports
  • Flyers
  • Advertising copy