“To Hear Her Story Told,” Pithead Chapel

MommulecartBy Lori DeBoer

When my son was a toddler, I spent a week in the summer writing program offered by Naropa University.  My group was instructed by Bobbie Louise Hawkins, esteemed poet and essayist.  I wrote an essay under her direction but  it was a little far afoot, stylistically, from the magazine and newspaper articles I was writing so I never submitted it for publication.  One day, I was having lunch with Bobbie and she asked me if I had ever sent that essay in. “You really should submit it,” she said.  It was a difficult essay, since it was written after the death of my mother. It had been many years since I had  even thought about it, but I found it hidden deep in the recesses of my computer and sent it off to Pithead Chapel, an online literary magazine I admire.  It was accepted within a couple of days. Thanks, Bobbie!

You can read it HERE: